Another Game System

Okay, how many game systems does a household need? We already have two, not counting the handheld ones, of which we have three. The kids got the Nintendo Wii two years ago and the Nintendo Game Cube the year before that. Do we need the Playstation or the xbox 360 ? I don't want to get another game system, what we have is enough. We'll just have to get them the games which, mind you, already costs $$.


  1. Playstation probably has the best graphics compared to the rest. :)

  2. We're basically the anti-game-system house. We have an original Nintendo, and a Super Nintendo. Oh, and I just sold my Sega Game Gear (and 10 games) at a yard sale for $30. We're so out of it...but I hear (from a cousin who is a Game Stop manager) that the Wii is just the best!!


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