Meeting Old Flames

Have you ever had this happen to you? I met an old flame last month when I went back to the Philippines. We connected in Facebook and he learned that I will be in Manila. He wanted to pay his last respects to my dad. We didn't date for a long time before, I know it was less than a year. We were in our early twenties and I felt that he still doesn't have any idea on what to do with his life. We parted as friends and that helped make it easy to reconnect after all these years. Aside from some white hairs and a few pounds (that can be easily gotten rid of by using fat burners) he still looks the same. He still has this quirky sense of humour and of course, beautiful eyes. It was nice to see him again and get updated with our lives now. He's the only ex-boyfriend I've seen. I don't know if it will be like this with the others (yes, there is more than two LOL) but I know it's not going to be as easy as this one.

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  1. Hi Barb, di ko alam na dad mo passed away. Sorry and our condolences to your family.


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