Car Repairs

Finally, we will have the small dent in my SUV repaired. Some low-life hit the SUV in the grocery parking lot and did not leave any information. It took a long time for dh to get the ball rolling but I have been patient. After this, we need to have the windshield replaced. There was a tiny crack that has now become very long. It is a good thing that insurance will cover the replacement windshield. I cannot imagine how it is going to cost if it is some expensive thing like Ferrari parts.

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  1. I hate it too! Nothing worst than coming out of the store, and there it is... the door ding! Aargh! That's why I take so much grief for parking out in the south forty and do a little extra walking. It's good for me right? p.s. and if it was a door ding in a Ferrari, keep all sharp instruements away from me!


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