When Will Her Feet Stop Growing?

I have an 11-year old. It seems that she grows taller every month! When I went back to the Philippines 6 months ago, I bought her a nice pair of sandals, size 6. Now, half-a-year later, it doesn't fit her feet anymore! How fast do kids' feet grow? My daughter obviously took after her dad, she's tall for her age, although she's of average height in her class which is full of tall kids. She's already 5'0" at 11 years old, one more inch and she'll be as tall as me! I'm sure that the Ugg boots that I got her a two years ago will not fit this coming winter. I'm just glad that I bought the bigger size boot and she was able to use it for a couple of season. Now, she's at the age where she is very picky when it comes to clothes and shoes. A girlf-girl, she's definitely not.

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