♥ Phil Mickelson

I watched the Masters last weekend. I always watch every year; dh is a golfer so he watches too. This year, I was rooting for Phil Mickelson to win the Masters. He seems to be a very nice man, a good family man who clearly loves and adores his wife. Tiger Woods is one of the best golfer there is, if not The Best but he fails miserably when it comes to character. I am glad he did not win the title this year. He will win more tournaments, no doubt about that, but I feel that if he won the Masters, then his ego which is already up the stratospher would've been given a boost - one that he already does not need. Good for Elin if she decides to divorce him. At least she's not going to need to take the best diet pills since she's in very good shape. I think that people like Tiger Woods, John Edwards, etc. are narcissist.

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