Thanks for Painting the Living Room Honey, Now I Need...

It's a never-ending 'wish list' when you have your own house. Don't you agree? Dh just finished painting both the living room and family room walls and it took more than a year for that to come into fruition. hahaha Can you tell I don't nag? Anyway, now, the next project is much more easier and smaller in scale. I want him to change the kitchen faucet. You see, the pull out hose covering is shredded and it is getting harder to pull it out. I've been researching online and I have seen a couple of Grohe faucets that I liked. Now, I wonder how many months it'll take for that to be done? :)


  1. hello hello hello how are you?its been a long time...

  2. hi got ur message :( nweis welcome back ei if u have fb u can add me rondacz@yahoo.com...oo nga ano wala ako email add sa blog ko ;)

  3. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas I like yours. thanks


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