To Stay Together No Matter What?

I guess no matter if they kill each other. *grin* That's what my friend in the Philippines confided in me the other week. She was having problems in her marriage and personally, I think that they should part ways and live separate lives instead of trying to hurt each other. Asking them if they still love each other is like asking the question "Do weight loss supplements work?". I think that the love is gone from what I've heard. One treats the other one like crap and that person does not want to change. They're used to getting what they want whether they're in the right or not. The other person has faults too, they didn't want to argue so it's just silent treatment.
Since there is no divorce in the Philippines and because they are so worried about what other people might think and say, they are still together. How crazy is that? I don't know how one can take so much verbal abuse and still stay in the marriage. To hell with what other people might think, it's your life to live, live it the way you see fit.

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