$147.00 - This Year's Thanksgiving Feast

I think I should start to jot down how much I spent for each year's Thanksgiving feast. I wonder if it'll go up each year. We've been having Thanksgiving dinner here in my house for about 7 years now since my MIL said she doesn't want to do it anymore since it's too much work. What happened to doing things for family? Hmmm, whatever. Anyway, everybody prefers my cooking anyway. :\
So I went food shopping this morning and I spent about $147 on the ingredients for the Thanksgiving feast. I bought two 11-lb fresh turkey this year. I was planning to get a 15-lb turkey and a breast but I saw that the breast cost almost $7/lb. That is too expensive! So, I opted for the smaller turkeys. It takes faster to cook and there's 2 extra legs for those who want it. I knew I was going to forget something and found out back home that I forgot to get the jellied cranberry (dh and his brothers prefer this!). Oh well, one item is forgivable. Now, the prepping begins!

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