Finally, No Texting

I've seen a lot of 'near miss' while driving on the roads. 90% of the time, it is because of distracted drivers. This is just not in city streets mind you, it is on the freeway! My pet peeve is with drivers who yak on the phone or text even and are not mindful of other cars. The car is swerving out of their lanes and into my lane. Geez! Where do they think they are, in the middle of the desert? I wish there is a way to rat these people out to their car insurance company so they will hopefully stop these dangerous driving practices.
I'm so thankful that last month, a law was passed in my state that prohibits texting while driving. Also, teenagers are not allowed to use the phone (even for calling) while they are operating the vehicle. This is a good call in my opinion. Now, it is up to the police to enforce this law.

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