Another New Year (Resolution) Goal

Be healthier. Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Live healthy. Easy to type/say but very hard to execute! Seriously, at my age, I need to be very vigilant about staying healthy. It is hard for someone like me, who enjoys cooking and baking to keep myself out of the kitchen. It's not as if I'm in there munching every minute. But I cook dinner every day. I was thinking of just having salad for myself but have never gotten around to doing it. Ugh...
One thing that is not hard to do is to walk on the treadmill. Which reminds me, I need to get some serious work-out gear. I've been wearing t-shirts and sweatpants but I'm seriously considering getting some women's singlets tank tops for when the weather gets warmer. I want to take my walking outdoors. As for now, I'll stay in my basement and watch the OWN channel.

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