No to New Year Resolutions

I don't like to call it 'resolutions', instead I prefer to call it GOALS. It seems more reacheable isn't it? When you say resolution, it gives you the feeling that you might not be able to go through with it. When you use the word 'goal', it is something you want to attain, reach.

So what are my New Year Goals? Well, one of them is to manage my time efficiently. I will try to do more in my 'To Do List'; like cleaning the bath tub and bathroom sink more efficiently. It takes me a while to finish each bathroom and I want to find ways to make this job easier and faster without sacrificing cleanliness.

The next goal is to spend less time in Facebook even if that meant not leveling up faster in my Farmville or Frontierville. Hmm, this goal will take up a lot of self-control. I will try my best to do this, so help me. ha ha

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