New Year New Look...Maybe?

This is my first post for the New Year and I am a week late! So what happened? The kids were sick for the first week of this New Year. I know, bummer... My son came down with a fever on the second day of school and was out for three days and then my daughter was out for two.

Well, I'm still thankful that they are feeling much better. Now, I have time to spend working on my blogs. I still have to hook up my 19-inch monitor to this notebook. It is just a regular monitor, nothing too fancy like a rackmount lcd. It is big enough for Farmville and Frontierville. ha ha

I also want to change the layout for this blog and maybe all of my blogs. Now, that is a tall order for sure! I'll start with this one, and then we'll see if I'll be inspired to do the rest.

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