Sr. Constancia O.S.A.

I still remember the way she walks, talk and smile. She's from Bacolod and her voice is soft and is 'malambing' (sweet). She was our high school principal, Sr. Constancia of the Order of Saint Augustine. She is now retired and living in Bacolod.

Our high school batch contacted her last year to invite her for our 25th reunion (July 2007). She was surprised and touched by our gesture that she cried on the phone. She couldn't believe that after all these years, we still remember her. How can we forget when our batch gave her the most headache and laughter. There was one year when we protested the outcome of a choir contest. We slammed the windows on the 3rd floor all at once and stomped our feet. LOL We paid for her round-trip plane ticket to Manila. It was a great night, seeing old friends, classmates and Sr. Connie. She is now 75 years old and apart from a few wrinkles, didn't change a lot. I hope that she lives a long and happy life in retirement.

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