Aging Parents

Just this past month, my dad had been to the hospital two times. The first time was when he felt chest pains, they had to check his arteries and the stent that was placed there three years ago. The good news is they did not find anything. The second time happened just a week or so after that hospital trip. This time, he slipped and hit his head on the corner wall. Good thing that my mom was back from her trip to the Philippines and she heard him scream. She called 911 and they brought him to the ER where he received more than 30 stitches. My goodness! My daughter even asked me "Why is it that bad things happened to grandpa?". My parents are in their early 70s and are living independently. I'm already worrying about their care when they get older. I just cannot see them living in a senior home.


  1. It's so hard when parents get old and you see the effects of aging first hand. I know it doesn't help but it's all a part of life's cycle.

  2. Sensya na Beth nakadalawang add tuloy ako hehe. Alam mo Lola ko malapit na mag90 years old pero malakas pa tumakbo sa awa ng Dios at mga ipin buo pa. Maalaga lang talaga siya sa health niya nung bata pa siya at gang ngayon panay lakad kahit gaano kalayo lakarin nya. Hope your parents will just fine.


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