Second Chance for AI Contestants

Last night in American Idol, the judges gave some contestants who were voted off a second chance. One of those who were brought back is Anoop Desai. :o) I'm glad he is given a second chance and I hope that he makes it through this time. I didn't vote last time but I'll make sure to vote for him next week. He was overwhelmed when he heard Simon Cowell say his name. His reaction is a complete opposite of Tatiana. Yes, she's baaack! Uhm, why? I think it's because she makes for good TV. She's what we call OA in the Philippines. OA for over-acting. Don't you think so too? All that screaming and hyperventilating and what else. I wonder how long she's going to stay. Maybe she'll be this year's Sanjaya, people will vote for her just because.


  1. I hate her to the highest level, as in!! sana di na nila yun pinabalik, she's a drama queen of all drama queen, her laugh is annoying, actually her whoe personality!! but I am so happy with Megan. i like her country style personality, i'm glad they gave her another chance.

  2. hindi na ako nakakapanood ng AI dahil naiingayan si kenny.

  3. Haha! Tatiana is actually fun to watch! Her singing is not that bad, but not good enough. She should continue with her OA, makes great TV! : )


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