Filipina Killed in NY Shooting

I knew from the moment I saw her photo on the news that she was from the Philippines. Dolores Carbonillas-Yigal was among those killed when a Vietnamese immigrant opened fire inside the American Civic Association building. She is from Cebu and has been living here in the US for 3 years with her American husband. News reports said that the gunman was frustrated from not finding a job and angry at the humiliation he received from not speaking good English. Why he chose to kill fellow immigrants taking classes to learn how to speak English will never be known. My prayers go out to all families who are affected by this tragedy.


  1. ooohhh such a very sad tragedy. i feel for all of the victims. kawawa naman kababayan natin...

    salamat nga pala for your wonderful anniv greetings! i'm treasuring it for life! :)

    happy monday!

  2. This is very sad news mareng barb, she is only 3 years here, it's a tragedy talaga. A lot of people nowadays going crazy not finding a job, plus with the humiliation that become ugly. People should very careful. Hubby and I talking about our driving that we don't beep people because we never know that the people driving the car is no job and depress.

  3. kawawa naman cya.. my prayers goes out to her and to all the victims of the tragedy.

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  5. I heard about this on the news the other day. Such a sad story. I guess you never know how people will react when they can't find a job and are under stress. Thanks for stopping by.


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