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8 THINGS....

I'm looking forward to:

- My son's 5th birthday party next month
- Our family trip to the Philippines this summer
- My parent's 45th anniversary celebration in Dapitan City
- Visiting with my relatives
- My kids meeting their cousins for the first time
- Seeing my high school and college barkadas
- Going to Cebu
- Shopping in Manila

I did yesterday:

- Picked up dh from the Honda dealership
- Grocery shopping
- Went to Lowe's and bought some annuals for the front lawn and deck
- Changed and laundered all bed sheets and pillows
- Called my cousin and gave her an insurance lead
- Drove dh back to the dealership
- Cooked General Tso's chicken and rice for dinner
- Watched Nat. Geo channel while writing some posts.

I wish I could do:

- Swim well just like Michael Phelps. LOL Ok, that's imposible so I'll settle for being a good swimmer.
- Win the lottery so I can help and support more seminarians and of course, help my parents, send my kids to any university they want and send dh to all the best golf courses in the world. LOL
- Have a rose garden. I haven't tried growing one but I hope to do it one day.
- Visit Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Turkey. Dh is kind of iffy about this because of the terrorists, etc. I might have to do it by myself. LOL
- Sing well. I can sing if I'm with a group but not good enough to sing solo. One can wish... ha ha
- Sew. I only made an apron and a skirt in middle school. I want to sew my own curtains since it's so darn expensive to buy.
- Go back to running. I can't now because of my knees.
- Play tennis again. I used to play a lot when I was in warm and sunny CA.

Shows I watch:

- The Amazing Race
- House
- Documentaries
- Little People, Big World
- Top Chef
- Project Runway
- The Fashion Show
- The Young and the Restless

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